Test your internet connection

Each IP telephony call uses approx. 100 kbps (0.1 Mbps) in both directions. Thus, your internet connection should be faster than this. In addition to that comes other traffic, e.g. when you browse the web, stream music and movies.

You should take the test at different times of the day and especially between 18 and 20 hours on weekdays where the load on your ISP is greatest.

The test will by default select the nearest test server. Click on the server under the large round button, enter "Copenhagen" in the search field and select one of the displayed servers. Then click the big round button to start the test.


Ping-time is the time it takes for an Internet packet to travel from your computer to the test server. Ping-time is measured in milliseconds (ms), and 100 ms is considered excellent, while anything over 250 ms is considered bad.


Jitter is the time delay between the individual packets as they arrive at the test server. Jitter should not exceed 30 ms.

Packet loss

A single lost package every now and then makes no difference, but having multiple causes problems. A good connection has no packet loss.

Too low a speed, packet loss, high ping-time and high jitter cause sound dropouts and nicks in the sound and are typical signs of a fault in your internet connection and we recommend that you contact your ISP and refer to the test result.

Note that the test is not an expression of how well your Redspot subscription will work, but merely a test of your internet connection.

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