Get started with Redspot IP Telephony

Follow these instructions and you will be well equipped to use Redspot IP telephony.

  1. Activate your subscription via the link in the welcome email you've received.
  2. Set-up your equipment or app according to our setup guides.
  3. Call your friends and loved ones and enjoy spending a lot less :-)

If should experience any problems, please first check your set-up and consult our support.

If you have ordered a new number

If you have ordered a new number, you will be able to call and receive calls immediately.

If your number is to be moved from another service provider

You will be able to call immediately, but will only be able to receive calls when it has been moved. However, there is an option that can be used in the meantime if someone wants to call you: Call +45 8870 7000 and enter your phone number when you hear the dial tone. Calls cost normal Danish landline rate from the time you hear the dial tone.

How to call

You just call as usual. International calls start with + or 00 followed by the country code and phone number.

Outgoing caller id

Generaly, your number is displayed on outgoing calls. If you would like to change this, please do so via My Account. You can also change the setting from call to call by dialing *31* in front of the number.

Voice mail

Your voice mail is initially turned off. If you would like to change this, please do so via My Account. When the callers hear your answering machine, a standard message is heard which unfortunately cannot be changed. If a message is recorded on your voicemail, it will be sent to you as an audio file attachment via email.

Outgoing call blocking

Via My Account you can block outgoing calls to f.x. international calls.

Phonebook entry

As a starting point, your number is recorded online at f.x. If you would like to change this, please do so under My Account.

Call waiting, multiple calls on the same lines including conference calls

By default, most types of equipment have Call Waiting enabled. IP telephony adapters and many IP telephones with will with a beep make you aware that there is a waiting call.

Switching between calls typically takes place via the R key. See the manual for your equipment for more information, including how to make conference calls.

Note that you do not report busy if you use call waiting. If you want to report busy instead, you can see how to turn it off in the instructions for your equipment.

Test numbers

To test your phone and connection, you can use these toll-free numbers:

808 600 Echo test (repeats what you say) and gives you an impression of your audio quality.
808 610 Date and time (Central Europe Time)
Emergency call via 112

Emergency calls are automatically routed to the nearest responsible Danish emergency center based on the address you provided with your order. You can change your address via My Account . Note that emergency calls are only routed correctly in Denmark and thus not if you are abroad!

Account information, call specifications and status of moving your phone number.

Via My Account, you have access to your account information, phone number transfer status, your services, bills, payments and call specifications.

Help Topic HT200018. Published 07 July 2020. Updated 25 October 2023.

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