No dial tone? Can't register?

This is typically due to your device or app not being able to contact our telephony servers. Here is some information to help you resolve the issue.

If it used to work

  1. Try switching your equipment off and on incl. your Internet connection. Turn off your internet connection even though you can get online!
  2. Make sure you have an internet connection and that your equipment has power and is on.
  3. Check to see if we have any operational disruptions.
  4. If your broadband router has SIP ALG, it should be turned off. You're broadband supplier sometimes changes your routeres setup so please make sure that SIP ALG is off.

If it has not yet worked 

    1. Did you remember to activate your subscription via the link in the welcome email? You can see the status of your subscription. under "My Account".
    2. Have you put the phone in the correct telephone socket if you're using an adapter "Line 1 / Phone 1"?
    3. Check the setup of your equipment. Typical errors are:
      • Disturbing leftovers from other providers. If you have previously used your equipment in connection with another provider, we recommend that you reset it to factory settings before following our instructions.
      • Do not enter quotation marks (") from our setup guides.
      • Incorrect password. It is the password from the welcome email that is to be used and not the one used for "My Account".
      • Extra spaces before or after after the password or the SIP server "". This is especially true when copying values.
      • "Display Name" must not contain a phone number. or numbers only. Enter your name or leave the field blank.
      • On some, especially older, Sipura and Linksys adapters, "Restrict SourceIP" on "Line x", contrary to the instructions, should be set to "No".
    4. If your broadband router has SIP ALG, it should be turned off.
    5. If your broadband router has a "Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall" this should be turned off.


Help Topic HT040051. Published 26 August 2004. Updated 25 October 2023.

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No dial tone? Can't register?

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