Shipping & Returns

Terms and Conditions Version 2.1

We want to ensure that you have a satisfying experience when researching, evaluating and purchasing products in the Redspot shop.

Redspot's store at is operated by Redspot Limited, a company registered at Suite 1, 1st floor, 5 Secretary's Lane, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar, with company number 113633 at the Registrar of Companies, Gibraltar. To make it easier for both parties, we now refer to Redspot Limited as "Redspot", "we" or "us". You can contact Redspot by phone +45 88707070 on weekdays from 9-17 CET or by email at [email protected] .

If you purchase a product through Redspot's Online Store, these terms apply to the sales contract between you and Redspot. Although these terms are in English, Redspot's Online Store may be in other languages. You must be at least 18 years old to place orders in Redspot's Online Store.

Technical Information

Information on technical data and specifications from the manufacturer or from Redspot's website is for guidance only. You are responsible for the selection of services and for achieving the desired result with the purchase.

Delivery and delivery time

Delivery is made out of stock from one of Redspot's locations and shipping costs are calculated automatically at the end of the order for shipments in Denmark. When shipping abroad, a surcharge will be invoiced. If the delivery cannot be made at the address you have provided and this is returned as a consequence, the product is left at Redspot's warehouse at your own expense. Orders are expected to be shipped within 10 business days of payment. However, all delivery times are estimated and you can therefore not exercise a default claim before a time limit of 20 working days from payment.


All prices shown are gross prices incl. any VAT unless otherwise stated. They do not include credit cards and / or other fees and charges. However, these will always be stated in full before the end of the purchase when going to the "checkout". We reserve the right to cancel a trade if incorrect prices are stated on the website. The order confirmation sent out is thus a copy of the shopping cart and not our acceptance that the transaction will be completed.


Payment is made in advance before delivery of products, with one of Redspot's possible payment solutions. If you have been granted credit, the following applies. Credit payments must be made no later than the date stated on the invoice as the last timely payment date. Redspot is entitled to calculate interest and reminder fee of the payment due at any time at 2% per month until the due is paid, if payment is made after the due date.

You accept that account statements are available online and that invoices and reminder letters are sent by E-mail.

You accept that they are received on the entered and used E-mail account, which is used for the trade transactions and that it is your responsibility that our emails are not sorted out by your spam filter.

You may not set off against the purchase price for claims relating to other legal matters.

Deposits first offset fees and interest.

Retention of title

Redspot reserves the right of ownership of delivered goods until the full purchase price including delivery costs as well as any interest and costs have been paid in full. You undertake to keep the delivery insured and damage-free until the full purchase price has been paid.

Defects and complaints

If you wish to claim a defect, you must notify Redspot within a reasonable time. If the item for sale suffers from a defect, the following can be done. The defect is remedied, re-delivery can be made, an appropriate reduction is made in the purchase price or cancellation of the purchase if the defect is significant. When returning defective goods, Redspot pays for the cheapest transport within Denmark's borders.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any delivery of products is made with respect to the intellectual property rights of the respective holders and Redspot is not liable of any kind for your actions in violation of these rights.

Limitation of Liability

A claim for damages against Redspot may not exceed the invoice amount for the product sold, as the extent does not otherwise follow from the law's mandatory rules on product liability. Redspot disclaims any responsibility for lost data. This also applies when submitting products for repair or the like. It is expected that you have a backup of all existing material on submitted products.

Warranty and right of complaint

We pass on the manufacturer's warranty period directly to you. The warranty / right of complaint is not extended for replacement or repair. As a private customer in Denmark, you are also covered by the Danish Purchase Act.

Defective Goods

Items can only be returned by assigning an RMA number and providing a return address. Items without RMA number or items sent to the wrong address will be rejected. Redspot's official RMA procedure must be used and completed correctly to obtain RMA approval.

If the manufacturer of the product has an RMA procedure, it must be used and the product must not be sent to Redspot.

Items must be submitted in proper packaging. Memory, CPU, Video card, etc. must also be packed in antistatic packaging.

Redspot reserves the right not to handle RMA if the packaging is insufficient. If the described defect is not found, you will be contacted by one of Redspot's technicians for further error description.

If the defect can still not be ascertained, Redspot reserves the right to invoice Prices include any VAT unless otherwise stated.£44.10Note: Prices are rounded and shown in British pound as a reference only. You may or may not be able to pay in British pound. See more details during checkout. incl. any VAT pr. item for handling & return shipment. Redspot does not cover damages caused by misuse.


As a private internet customer in Denmark, you are protected by the general rules of the Purchase Act for mail order sales and thus have a 14-day right of return. The right of return runs from the day of receipt.

For subscriptions, however, the right of return also lapses as soon as you take the subscription into use, ie. activates it. Furthermore, the right of return on subscriptions lapses when a possible number porting process has reached step 3.

There is no right of return on delivered upgrade licenses associated with specific hardware, including telephones and switchboards.

If the purchase is canceled, you must return the item in the original packaging. You should be aware that the original packaging typically represents a value and the item cannot be considered to have been returned in substantially the same condition and quantity if the original packaging is missing or damaged. In the worst case, the lack of original packaging will mean that you will not be able to regret your purchase.

When buying games, films, software and consumables, the packaging must not be broken. When purchasing printers, the color cartridges must not be opened if the right of return is to be maintained.

The right of return can be initiated by rejecting the package upon receipt. Do not write or affix labels or anything else directly on the original packaging.

In addition, the item must be returned free of charge and free of charge to Redspot.

Companies and public institutions have no return rights.

Additional protection as a private customer

As a private customer in Denmark, you also have a number of protections, including in the Danish Purchase and Interest Act. Of course, if they give you more rights, they are the ones that matter.