Privacy Notice

It is important for Redspot that your personal information is kept secure. Therefore, we have developed a Customer Identity Protection Policy that provides guidelines for how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Our website and shopping cart are built around the use of cookies and do not work without. Cookies are also used to track referrals from partners, collect statistics via Google Analytics and to measure and optimise our Facebook ads efficiency. You are free to give, deny, or withdraw your consent at any time by using the "Consent settings" link at the bottom of each page. 

When receiving orders, Redspot collects the following information: Email, first and last name, address, phone number, time. Furthermore, CPR/ID number is collected when purchasing subscriptions from private individuals and VAT/CVR number. from companies as well as the customer's IP address. In addition, information about what the customer orders is stored. This information is stored in order to be able to invoice and contact the customer, deliver any ordered equipment and route emergency calls (112) to the correct alarm center for customers with telephone subscriptions (only in Denmark). The IP address is saved to be able to track any  abuse, including identity theft.

When using Redspot's online tools that require the entry of information, the entered values as well as the result of searches, calculations etc. are saved together with the user's IP address. This information is used to deliver reports to the user and for statistics and development of new products.

Every time an attempt is made to log in to our website, the specified email address, time, whether the login was successful or not, and the specified password for failed logins are saved. This is done to be able to track any abuse.

For customers with telephone subscriptions

For customers with telephone subscriptions, the following data is collected for outgoing calls via the regular telephone network: The customer's number, called number, time, duration, whether the call is a forwarded and the caller's number. This information is collected in order to be able to invoice the customer correctly, help with troubleshooting and track any  abuse. In addition, they are used in anonymised form for statistics in order to develop new subscriptions, negotiate better purchase prices and meet legal requirements for the provision of statistics.

In addition, the following data is collected for incoming calls from the regular telephone network: Call telephone number (if not withheld), called number, time and duration. This information is stored to be able to help with troubleshooting, tracking harassment, abuse or illegal activities. In addition, they are used in anonymised form for statistics in order to develop new subscriptions, negotiate better purchase prices and meet legal requirements for the provision of statistics.

If the customer makes changes to the subscription settings such as barriers, information about what has changed and time is saved. This is done as documentation in connection with potential disputes.

Marketing Consent

Redspot does not conduct direct marketing unless you have given us consent. If you wish to give or revoke your marketing consent, please change your settings under My account.

How long is data stored?

The information on which the invoicing is based on, is stored for 5 years in order to comply with the rules of the Accounting Act. You always have the opportunity to inspect and you can object to a registration under the law of debt.

Information is generally not stored longer than needed, after which it is deleted or anonymised.

Disclosure of Information

To comply with the law, Redspot provides anonymised statistical information to the authorities. In the event of an emergency call (112), your telephone number is forwarded to the emergency center, even if you have a secret/withheld number. Email and name might be shared with external suppliers in connection with measuring customer satisfaction. Should a customer not comply with his payment obligations, contact information, CPR / CVR number, information on invoices and payments can be passed on to an external debt collection agency. Anonymised call statistics are passed on to negotiate better purchase prices. Redspot does not sell information to third parties.

Requests from the authorities

We occasionally receive requests from the authorities to provide information about our customers.

When we receive a request for disclosure, we require that it be accompanied by relevant legal documents such as a writ of summons or a search warrant. We strive to be as transparent as the law allows as to what information we are being asked for. We review all requests carefully to ensure that there is a valid legal basis for them. and we only provide the information that the police authorities are entitled to receive according to the law - in connection with the investigation in question.

Contact Information for the Data Protection Advisor

If you have any questions about how Redspot processes personal information, please contact Redspot's Data Protection Advisor, who can be reached at [email protected].