Unable to get in contact with your IP telephony equipment

In general, we refer to the relevant setup guide. Here are additional tips.

Adapter / phone does not get an IP address (NO-IP) or address
Make sure the phone / adapter is connected to your internet connection before turning it on. See also next point.

Cannot "find the Grandstream phone / adapter" after entering its IP address
The IP address is given on Grandstream adapters without periods and with leading zeros such as: 192168001013

  1. Enter a period after every 3 digits to make it
  2. Then remove leading zeros to make it
  3. This address is entered in your browsers address bar after which the adapter/phone's administration page should appear. Sometimes it is necessary to enter "http://" in front of the IP address.

Can't remember password
See the default password in our setup guide. If you have changed it, you will need to reset your equipment (see the setup guide) and enter the setup again. You do not have to make a possible firmware upgrade again.

Help Topic HT040054. Published 26 August 2004. Updated 16 February 2022.

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