Setup Guide

Gigaset IP Phones

Gigaset GO, COMFORT IP flex, DX800A, C610 IP, A580 IP, A510 IP and more

How to set up your Gigaset IP Phone for use with Redspot IP Telephony. There may be minor variations in the setup of different models.


  1. Connect your phone / base to power and to your internet connection via the included network cable.
  2. Make sure that any wireless handsets are charged and connected to the base as specified in the manual.
  3. You can and should not use the connection assistant.
  4. Make a note of the base IP address found via the phone menu. Typically, it can be found under Settings, System, Local Area Network.
  5. Enter the IP address in the address bar of your internet browser (not in the search box) on a computer connected to the same router as the base. You should then see the base's website and be ready to set it up.


  1. Click [Settings] and then [Telephony]. It now shows your Connections
  2. Click [Edit] for a free connection (typically 1st) under "IP Connections".
  3. In "Connection Name or Number" enter .
  4. Make sure "Provider" is "Other Provider". If not, select it via [Select VoIP Provider].
  5. Click [Show Advanced Settings]. 
  6. Enter the following in the fields provided:
    • Authentication name: Your phone number
    • Authentication password: Your password from the welcome email.
    • Username: Your phone number
    • Display name: Your name (must not contain numbers).
    • DNS SRV Lookup Enabled: "Yes"
    • Domain:
    • Proxy server address:
    • Registration server:
    • Registration refresh time: If you have a fixed IP address, enter . If not or if in doubt, enter
    • STUN enabled: "No"
    • Outbound proxy mode: "Never"
  7. Click [Set] to save.
  8. Click [Audio] in the menu on the left and enter the following in the fields provided.
    • Allow 1 VoIP call only: "No" if your subscription. allows multiple lines.
    • Voice Quality: "Optimized for high bandwidth". If you have a bad or slow connection, it may be a good idea to select "Optimized for low bandwidth".
  9. Click [Set] to save.
  10. Click [Dialing Plans] in the menu on the left and enter the following in the fields provided.
    • Select "Redspot" under connection next to 112 or uncheck "Active".
    • Country: "Denmark"
    • Predial area code for local calls via VoIP: "No"
  11. Click [Set] to save.
  12. Click [Advanced Settings] in the menu on the left and enter the following in the fields provided.
    • Transfer Call by On-Hook: "No"
    • Use random ports: "No"
    • SIP port:
  13. Click [Set] to save.
  14. Make sure "Active" is checked next to "Redspot". Note that you can not count on "Status" at this time.
  15. Click [Number Assignment] in the menu on the left.
  16. Make sure that for each phone / handset there is a tick next to "Redspot" in "for outgoing calls" and "for incoming calls".
  17. Click [Set] to save.

Otherwise please refer to the Gigaset manual.

Please note that Redspot only provides limited support for equipment we do not sell ourselves.

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