Setup Guide

General App Setup Guide

Instructions for setting up apps. The labels may differ slightly.

  • SIP Server / SIP Proxy:
  • Use SRV DNS Lookup:
  • SIP Server / SIP Proxy Port: - if you must enter a port number, then enter
  • SIP Registrar Server:
  • SIP Registrar Server Port:  - if you must enter a port number, then enter
  • SIP Domain / Realm:
  • SIP Outpound Proxy: Must be blank / inactive
  • SIP Userid: Your phone number
  • Authenticate ID / User: Your phone number
  • Authenticate Password: Your password from the welcome email.
  • Name: Your name (only included with other IP phones and must not contain numbers or special characters etc.)
  • SIP Protocol: or UDP if your app supports Push, if not slect TCP - Note that only Redspot approved apps are allowed to use TCP. If your app is blocked from using TCP, please contact us or use UDP.
  • Use NAT / NAT keep alive:
  • Use STUN:
  • Local Port:
  • Silence suppression: No (Can also be specified as: Transmit Silence: Yes)

Please refer to your apps user guide.

Please note that Redspot only provides limited support for apps we do not sell ourselves.

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