Setup Guide

Bria Solo app

How to set up your Bria Solo app for use with Redspot IP Telephony. This guide is for the latest apps that require you to create a free account with Bria (Counterpath). If you have an older app that does not require the creation of an account with Bria, you should instead use this guide


Create an account with Bria (Counterpath) and follow these instructions. Values ​​in quotation marks ("value") are entered without quotation marks. Fields not mentioned do not need to be filled in (leave blank or auto).

  1. Click "+" to add a new account.
  2. On the "General" tab enter:
    • SERVICE LABEL: "Redspot"
    • DOMAIN: ""
    • SIP USERNAME / CALL EXTEN: Your phone number.
    • SIP / VOICE PASSWORD: Your password from the welcome email.
  3. On the "Service Settings" tab enter / select:
    • Check "Register with domain and receive calls".
  4. Click "Save" to save.
  5. Set other preferences right in your app.

If you use Bria via poorer internet connections, we recommend that you use "G729 Audio CODEC" as this CODEC requires significantly less bandwidth and is more tolerant of packet loss, which provides better call quality.

Be aware that Bria on mobile, if the phone is not connected via WiFi, will use the data network (if it is turned on) which generates a lot of traffic, especially abroad can be very expensive. Therefore, call via WiFi if possible.

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