Unified Communications

More than Voice

Modern phone systems (PBXs) handle phone calls, opening hours, extensions, call groups, queues and interactive voice response menus, but they can do so much more than that - not just for big companies!
Video Meetings

Video Conferencing

Video calls and conferences with screen sharing and remote assistance, can be done locally and via mobile/home workstations as well as via browser - at no extra cost.

Live Web Chat

Internal and external messaging, integration with Facebook, SMS, live chat with your website visitors. Live chat can even switch to voice calls directly through the browser and continue where you left off - all in one platform.
CRM and helpdesk integration

Better Customer Experience
More Sales

Integration with External sales and support systems, including Salesforce, Freshdesk, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft 365, Zendesk, Hubspot and many more, leads to a better customer experience and more sales.
Work flexibly


Use an app on your smartphone or computer and use all functions. Of course, you can also use physical IP phones. Whatever you choose, setup is done automatically. All this no matter where in the world you are - at no extra cost.
 Phones & Apps
Integration with

Hotel systems

Integration with hotel systems from Protel, roomMaster, Micros-Fidelio and more.
 Hotel Systems
Smiling man in office

Easy to Install
and Manage

Configured in few minutes using the installation wizard. Plug & play with supported IP phones and apps. Connect remote users via the Internet. Create new users/extensions in seconds. Do it yourself or let us help.
Open Platform

Not Locked to a Specific
Platform or Provider

Select and control your own phone numbers, your own telephony provider, your own cloud provider, your own hardware, local installation or cloud -your solution, your choice! And of course we can help.
Price examples

Cheaper than You Think

We are happy to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. To give you an idea of how cheap it can be done, here are some examples.
 Standard Solution for 12 EmployeesStandard Solution for 25 EmployeesPro Solution for 50 EmployeesEnterprise Solution for 120 Employees
Phone numbers (external, for direct dial use) 1 20 40 100
Extensions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Simultaneous calls (internal and external) 4 8 16 32
Phone lines (external) 4 8 16 32
Show a different phone number on outbound calls, such as a 70 or 80 no.
Interactive voice response (IVR), opening hours and call groups.  √  √  √  √
Videoconferencing with screen sharing and remote assistance (participants) 25 25 100 250
Mobile apps for iOS and Android with Push, which reduces power consumption and ensures that you don't miss a call.
Call center function with queues, call recording and reporting    
Messaging/chat, incl. Facebook and live webchat    
Microsoft 365 og CRM integration    
Microsoft Teams integration      
Skill-based routing      
Built in failover      
PBX license 1st year Free Free
PBX license 2nd year Free
Hosting 1st year Free Free Free Free
Hosting 2nd year
Set up, from 99.00 kr.  2,499.00 kr.  3,599.00 kr. 4,149.00 kr. 
Operating costs 1st year, from 709.00 kr. 1,799.00 kr.  8,799.00 kr.  20,109.00 kr. 
Operating costs 2nd year, from 1,639.00 kr. 5,239.00 kr. 11,589.00 kr.  24,759.00 kr. 
Corresponding to price per employee per month (1st/2nd year)  4.92 / 11,38 kr.  6.00 / 17.46 kr. 14.67 / 19.32 kr.  13.96 / 17.19 kr. 

The examples above exclude the cost of your outgoing calls, but with Redspot these can be up to 90% cheaper than those offered by traditional telecommunications companies.

Mentioned solutions and prices are incl. VAT, without any discounts and are based on IP telephone subscriptions from Redspot, combined with PBX systems from 3CX, used by over 12 million users in over 600,000 companies, including:

If you need physical phones, you'll have to add DKK 300-1,500 per phone, depending on features and needs. Learn more about business phones

Contact us to have a talk about your needs and opportunities and learn more about the 3CX PBX at 3CX

Alternative Solutions

Wireless DECT solutions from f.x. Gigaset are a great alternative for small businesses. They are inexpensive, provide basic PBX features, are easy to set up, can be used with wireless handsets and wireless desk phones and thus require no cables. Learn more
 Gigaset Pro Phones
 Beronet ISDN adapter
ISDN/Analogue to SIP adapters for older systems that do not support SIP, but as the prices of new PBX systems are now very low, it will often be a better and cheaper solution to switch to a new system.
Open source

Phone Systems (PBXs) 

Open source PBXs are free software and have better integration options than hardware-based systems, but require a lot more knowledge to set up and maintain than f.x. 3CX. They can run on a variety of hardware, including PCs, Raspberry Pi 4 as well as virtualized/hosted.
FreePBX is an advanced open source PBX system based on Asterisk and is the most widely used in the world. It is stable and can do almost anything, including call groups with queues, IVR, automatic provisioning (setup) of phones. Learn more at FreePBX
FusionPBX is an advanced open source PBX system based on FreeSwitch which in terms of functions and usability is very similar to FreePBX, but is even more stable and significantly faster, which means lower hardware requirements and thus lower overall price. However, as FusionPBX is not as widespread as FreePBX, documentation/help is not as comprehensive as for FreePBX. Learn more at FusionPBX
Contact us to have a talk about your needs and opportunities.
Reliable with High Uptime


Redspot has provided telephony solutions since 2004 and we have become very good at designing and running our systems, that are located in fault-tolerant hosting centers, in geographically separated locations - that's why our uptime is 99.999%1

Happy Customers

77% of our customers stay with us for more than 7 years, so we're sure that you'll also be happy with our services - that's why we have no lock-in period.

Which Plan is Right for You?


Business 4

Set up 149 kr.

59 kr. per month

Sign up

4 (12 users)

Can be paired with number series


Denmark landline and 70 numbers
0.08 kr. per minute
Denmark mobile
0.59 kr. per minute
Call setup charge

0.25 kr.


Business 8

Set up 149 kr.

75 kr. per month

Sign up

8 (25 users)

Can be paired with number series


Denmark landline and 70 numbers
0.08 kr. per minute
Denmark mobile
0.59 kr. per minute
Call setup charge

0.25 kr.


Business 16

Set up 149 kr.

149 kr. per month

Sign up

16 (50 users)

Can be paired with number series


Denmark landline and 70 numbers
0.08 kr. per minute
Denmark mobile
0.59 kr. per minute
Call setup charge

0.25 kr.


Business 32

Set up 299 kr.

249 kr. per month

Sign up

32 (120 users)

Can be paired with number series


Denmark landline and 70 numbers
0.08 kr. per minute
Denmark mobile
0.59 kr. per minute
Call setup charge

0.25 kr.

How many lines do I need? For most companies, the ratio between employees and lines is 3:1 for small companies, rising to 4:1 for companies with more than 100 employees. Call center employees, however, typically will need 1 line each.
If you need to buy/move number series or need more lines, please contact us. If you have a very small need to call, you could also choose one of our small Pay as you go plans.

Business Plans also Give You

  • Free customer support by phone and email.1
  • Free calls to all Redspot customers.
  • A Danish telephone no. which anyone can call. Of course, you can call all national and international numbers too.
  • Option to buy number series. Please contact us.
  • Show another telephone number for outgoing calls, e.g. a 70 or 80 number.
  • Business and phone system (PBX) use allowed.
  • No roaming charges! Call from wherever it suits you - at home, while on the road and abroad at no extra cost to you or those who call you!1
  • Feel free to choose which apps and equipment you want to use - up to 10 at a time!
  • Option to move your Danish landline or IP telephone number to Redspot, price: 149 kr.
  • Option to move your danish number series to Redspot. Please contact us.
  • No or 30 times less radiation than with mobile calls.1
  • Free billing specifications so you can see who you called and what it cost.1
  • Call waiting.1
  • Caller ID.1
  • 3-party conference call.1
  • Caller specific ringing.1
  • Do not disturb.1

Why is Redspot so Cheap?

Redspot has been providing IP telephony since 2004 and we have become really good at understanding our customers' needs and covering them at a low cost, without compromising on quality and service. This is possible because

  • We automate and outsource as much as possible.
  • We have very skilled staff, which means we can do more with fewer people.
  • Your needs are different from other customers'. Instead of making equipment available that only suits the needs of a few customers, we give you free choice. It saves money and gives you the best and most fair solution.
  • We have no stores that cost expensive rent and require staff.
  • We have extensive experience in negotiating low call prices with our suppliers.
  • We have high technical competence, which means that we can use a mixture of open source and self-developed software instead of having to buy expensive solutions from external suppliers.

All of this results in lower costs than our competitors, which directly benefits you in the form of lower prices without compromising on quality and service.

Best audio quality and deal

A leading Danish newspaper

Best choice

Penge & Privatøkonomi
The leading Danish Money & Personal Finance magazine

Redspot IP telephony works in such a way that calls from you are transported over the Internet to our servers and from there on to the regular telephone network. You must therefore have an internet connection, but the other party must not.

You can thus call all regular telephone numbers and everyone can call you and that no matter where in the world you are without it costing you or those who call you extra.1 2

We believe that you should be free to choose how you want to make calls and thus freely choose equipment or app or a combination that suits your needs best. Learn more

Since most internet connections today are very good, you are free to choose which ever equipment or app you want to use as long as it supports SIP 2.0. 

For equipment we do recommend using well known brands like Cisco, Fanvil, Gigaset, Grandstream, Linksys, Polycom, Snom and Yealink since lesser known brands often aren't reliable enough because they have buggy firmware and don't put enough ressources into fixing the bugs.

The easiest and cheapest is to use an app on your smartphone or computer and there are a lot of different options. Most will work if they support SIP and are not locked to a provider. Learn more

For private use or a small business, we recommend the cordless IP phones in the Gigaset Go series that can be used with both IP telephony and ordinary analog telephony, can handle 2 simultaneous calls and can be extended with up to 6 handsets. Learn more

If you have analogue telephones you are very happy with, you can use an analogue telephone adapter. If your internet connection is slow, it can be an advantage that the adapter has traffic prioritization (QoS) so that it can prioritize your call traffic higher and thus minimize interference. However, it only makes sense if all your traffic goes through the router and you do not f.x. use WiFi in the router you have from your ISP. Learn more

For business use, the best choice is often a PBX that come in a range of different sizes and features. Learn more

Can I use the IP telephony equipment I already have?

If you purchased your IP telephony equipment yourself, you can typically just change the setup and use it with Redspot. If your ISP has supllied your IP telephony equipment, it's only rarely possible - ask your ISP.

Normally, moving your number takes a week from receiving your power of attorney and payment, but we can do it from weekday to weekday in urgent cases.

You usually have one month's notice with your current telecommunications company and must therefore be aware that you may be charged subscription fee until the end of your notice period. If you want us to move your number at a later date, please state this on the power of attorney or the email you send us the power of attorney with.

Note that you decide when your Redspot subscription starts, so if you f.x. currently are without internet connection, you can wait to activate your subscription until you have internet again.

Please notice

It may be necessary to first terminate various additional services, or split them up before it is possible to move a number:

  • TDC Duet: Must be terminated / divided into 2 separate subscriptions first (mobile and landline.
  • TDC "Nummerbestemt ringning" and "extra number" must be canceled first or moved together with the main number (requires extra number subscription). Contact us for more info.
  • Extra numbers on ISDN must be moved together with the main number (requires extra number subscription) or terminated. Is it only an extra no. that is to be moved, it is possible if it is first changed to the main number and the extra numbers are then terminated. Contact us for more info.

You must be aware that you must not terminate your telephone number yourself and that you may be charged a fee by your current provider if you move the number before the end of the lock-in period.

You can use Redspot's IP telephony everywhere you have stable internet and it does not cost you or those who call you extra. No roaming charges. Ever!1

Note that a few countries and providers are blocking IP telephony including Belize, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.), Oman (Muscat) and therefore a VPN is required to make IP-telephony work.

No, you can call all ordinary telephone numbers in the world and the other party does not have to have internet.

It costs the same as calling other Danish landline phones. It is free for Redspot IP-telephony customers to call each other.

Yes, if you have a Danish analog landline, IP telephony or ISDN.

Our subscriptions can be used on your smartphone, but as they require an internet connection, they cannot replace your mobile subscription.

Yes, you can either create a new subscription at that time or let the number replace your number with us.

Yes, you can make calls to anyone and receive calls from Redspot customers. If others call your number, your "old" phone will ring until the number is moved. Your IP-phone can though be called by using a small workaround. This may become relevant if you f.x. move from your current address before the number is ported.

If you have a good internet connection, there is typically no difference in the sound quality compared to ISDN and thus a far better than normal analogue landline as well as mobile calls.

In a comparison of IP telephony providers, the Danish leading newspaper Politiken named Redspot the best sound quality. As the conversation is moved over the internet, uptime and quality are always dependent on your internet service provider. Redspot's servers are located in a professionally monitored hosting center so downtime is minimized.

In 2020, Redspot's uptime was more than 99.999%.

Virtually all internet connections in developed countries are so good that they can be used with IP telephony without any problems. Try our test and learn more

Yes, they will just ring at the same time and this no matter where in the world they are. You can thus f.x. have an IP-phone at home, an adapter in the holiday home and an app on your smartphone or laptop when you are on the go.

Note, however, that there are limits to how many simultaneous calls you can have. Please refer to the product description and conditions for your subscription.

Yes, if your device or app supports this, some equipment supports even several simultaneous conversations.

Most of our subscriptions alllow 2 simultaneous calls, however note that 2 simultaneous calls require twice as much internet bandwidth (speed).

Between 30 and 90 kbit/s depending on the CODEC used. This corresponds to between 0.23 and 0.66 MByte/minute. In addition, there is a bit of traffic that the adapter / IP phone / app continuously generates to tell our server where you can be reached so that you can receive calls. Be aware of this if your internet connection is charged according to consumption.

Yes, if you use the G711 / alaw CODEC (standard in all adapters). However, it is also quite sensitive so your internet connection must be very good. In practice, it also depends on how good your fax is and it is impossible to say in advance how well it will work.

A CODEC is the the encoding IP-telephony calls are transmitted with. In general it can be said: The more kbps the better the sound quality. However, the sensitivity to interference also increases with higher kbps.

Both "ends" must support the desired CODEC. For IP-IP calls, such as between two Redspot customers, it is both adapters/ip phones/apps. For IP-PSTN calls such as to the ordinary telephone network including mobiles it is your adapter/IP telephone/app and our PSTN gateway.

Bandwidth requirements for various CODECs supported by Redspots PSTN Gateways

G.711 (ALAW, ULAW, PCMA, PCMU) 87.2 kbps
G.726-32 55.2 kbps
GSM 35.4 kbps
G.729 (especially suitable for less good internet connections) 30.0 kbps
iLBC 28.0 kbps