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77% of our customers stay with us for more than 7 years, so we're sure that you'll also be happy with our services.

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"Phenomenal service. Can only recommend Redspot. Thanks for a great and cheap phone connection" - Lars, Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"I give Redspot top marks as I have not yet experienced such good and accurate guidance elsewhere. In addition, it also works impeccable :)" - Kim S., Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"Thank you so much for fantastic ip telephony services from redspot. Regards from a still incredibly satisfied customer" - Allan H., Denmark
Fantastic - By email
"Super value for money... Redspot is very cheap and the quality is good" - Mads J. J., Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"Cheap IP telephony that works! I have now been a customer of Redspot for a few years, and have never had any problems. It just works. And then it's cheap! Can only be recommended!" - Lars P., Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"It just works and Redspot has the best setup guides I have seen/used" - Michael B., Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"I have had Redspot since 2004 and have been well satisfied. Also those I have referred to Redspot are well satisfied" - Ole J., Denmark
Excellent - Trustpilot
"I can only say good things about your service and prices" - Lars K., Denmark
Good - By email
"Fast dispatch and friendly service" - Peter, Denmark
5 out of 5 stars - Google
"We are satisfied with Redspot service. At home and abroad. Redspot is there when you need them" - Axel R., France
Great - Trustpilot
"Thank you for a good service, which has been a great joy both for us and for our family and friends who have called us" - Niels W., France
A great joy - By email
"Very happy with the good cooperation we have had over the years" - Chris R. P., Denmark
Very happy - By email
"The sound and stability seem to be top notch" - A. Hansen, Denmark
Great - Trustpilot
"Cheap and stable alternative. I can recommend Redspot to others" - RM, Denmark
Great - Trustpilot

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77% of our customers stay with us for more than 7 years, so we're sure that you'll also be happy with our services - that's why we have no lock-in period.
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