That's how much you save with Redspot

With Redspot you typically save 45-75% compared to most other providers on the market - without compromising on quality and with no strings attached.

Try our calculator and immediately learn how much you can save on your telephony to and from your PBX (SIP trunks).

Yearly phone bill

Only SIP-trunk subscription and calls. Not mobile subscriptions. Enter amounts without VAT.


Specify a more detailed distribution to get a more accurate calculation. Subscription amounts must be specified. If you do not specify call amounts, the calculation will be based on a typical distribution of 78% of total bill minus subscriptions for United States mobile, 3% for United States landline and 19% for international calls.


Specify your call rates for United States and conditions.

Simple calculation

In the case of a simple calculation, we base the calculation on data obtained from the telecommunications company's website, email, phone calls or from other users (validated by Redspot).

This data is included in our calculation:

  • Subscription rate per channel.
  • Subscription rate per phone no.
  • Minute rate for calls to landline and mobile.
  • Avg. minute rate for international calls.1
  • Avg. call length of 2.2 min (2 min and 12 seconds).
  • Call setup fee and whether failed call attempts are charged. Failed calls are calculated as 25% more calls.
  • Billing every x. seconds.
  • Typical distribution of 78% of bill amount minus subscriptions to national mobile, 3% to national landline and 19% for international calls.
  • Redspot's minute rate for calls to landlines and mobiles.
  • Redspot's average minute rate for international calls.1
  • Redspot's average subscription rate per channel.1

Advanced calculation

In the case of an advanced calculation, we base the calculation on the above data that you partially enter yourself, however with the following changes:

  • Call distribution between landline, mobile and international is calculated based on your own bill amount entries.


Based on the above we calculate how much you will be able to save by switching to Redspot. Furthermore, we calculate how much your total liquidity improves, as we, among other things, can invoice you without VAT.

We also disclose where our data is sourced from and give you the opportunity to receive an in-depth report by e-mail.

The call setup rate originates from the time when we had electromechanical telephone exchanges that were subject to wear and tear from establishing a call.

Since we have been using purely electronic telephone exchanges for many decades, there is no mechanical wear and tear and the call setup rate is in principle obsolete, but it is often charged anyway.

The call setup rate amounts to approx. 20-42% of your phone call bill, so it's not small amount we're talking about. If you also pay for call attempts, the share is 24-50%.1

As the first and only telecommunications company in Denmark, Redspot has chosen to completely remove the call setup charge for our Business SIP-trunks.

Some telecom companies charge every 20, 30 or 60 seconds, which means that a 2:01 call will be charged as 2:20, 2:30 or 3:00. This results in you paying 7, 11 or 22% more for your calls.1

Redspot charges per second, which is the only fair way to charge.

Why is Redspot so Cheap?

Redspot has provided telecommunication services since 2004 and we have become really good at understanding our customers' needs and covering them at a low cost, without compromising on quality and service. This is possible because

  • We automate and outsource as much as possible.
  • We have very skilled staff, which means we can do more with fewer people.
  • Your needs are different from other customers'. Instead of making equipment available that only suits the needs of a few customers, we give you free choice. It saves money and gives you the best and most fair solution.
  • We have no stores that cost expensive rent and require staff.
  • We have extensive experience in negotiating low call prices with our suppliers.
  • We have high technical competence, which means that we can use a mixture of open source and self-developed software instead of having to buy expensive solutions from external suppliers and pay licensing fees.

All of this results in lower costs than our competitors, which directly benefits you in the form of lower prices without compromising on quality and service.

Flexible and highly


Redspot's SIP trunks are compatible with any SIP PBX including 3CX, Cisco, Avaya, Ericsson, NEC, Mitel, Unify, Gigaset, ZyXEL, open source systems like FreePBX and FusionPBX and also hosted PBXs that allow you to Bring Your Own Trunk (BYOT).
Compatible PBX's

Number series

Use a single number or number series for Direct Dial-In (DDI).

You can also keep your local SIP trunk for inbound calls and use a Redspot SIP trunk for outboud calls and even display your local number as Caller ID. Break even for this setup in most countries, is less than 120 min/month.*
Smiling man in office
Flexible Caller-Id

Display your
own numbers

Display any phone number as Caller ID on outbound calls. No CLIP screening.*
Reliable with High Uptime


Redspot has provided tele­communication services since 2004 and we have become very good at designing and running our systems, that are located in fault-tolerant hosting centers, in geo­graphically separated locations - that's why our uptime is 99.999%1

Happy Customers

77% of our customers stay with us for more than 7 years, so we're sure that you'll also be happy with our services - that's why we have no lock-in period.
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