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IP Phones for Home

These Internet Phones can be used with Redspot's Internet Telephony services and are connected directly to your Internet connection. You will not need an Analog Telephone Adapter.

In order to use cordless phones directly, the base must support IP telephony. The Gigaset's GO-Box 100 and COMFORT (A) IP flex bases supports both IP telephony and ordinary analogue telephony. 

Upgrade your cordless phone

Since the handsets are typically the same regardless of base, you can usually just replace the base if your base does not support IP telephony such as Gigaset Box 100 (without "GO").

You can also use an adapter if your base does not support IP telephony, but you'll lose a whole range of benefits, have one more box and thus one more source of error and it is typically also more expensive.

Much less radiation than mobiles

Cordless (DECT) telephones like these emit approx. 30 times less radiation than mobile phones while in use and no radiation at all when not in use (ECO Plus mode).

Ideal for Redspot IP telephony

The Gigaset GO-Box 100 and COMFORT (A) IP flex bases supports 2 simultaneous calls and up to 6 handsets. Since most of our plans support 2 simultaneous calls, it is an ideal combination.

These products can also be combined with products from the Gigaset Pro series. Learn more