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Free telephone system (PBX) for business customers

In order to offer optimal customer service and minimize costs, all companies need a telephone system (PBX).

Historically, PBXs have been complicated and expensive to operate. Switching to hosted systems has only made it a bit less complicated and slightly cheaper.

Redspot has for a long time wanted to be able to offer free PBX facilities that are also easy to use and are now the first to offer it.

  • No License Expenses
  • No hosting expenses
  • No subscription
  • No required service agreements
  • No hassle with maintenance

And this is not a limited time "free demo" as others offer it, a heavily limited feature version or an introductory offer.

No creative fees and more transparency, save 45-75 % on your calls

Not long ago, Redspot was the first to completely remove the call setup fee, which makes up up to 40 % of the phone bill. In addition, Redspot has launched a pricing calculator that makes it easy and transparent to see how much influence setup fees, billing per. minute, billing of call attempts and other creative settlement methods actually have on your telephone bill. Learn more.

Redspot's PBX requires a connection to the public telephone network via our Redspot SIP trunks, price Prices include any VAT unless otherwise stated.From $7.15Note: Prices are rounded and shown in US dollar as a reference only. You may or may not be able to pay in US dollar. See more details during checkout./month without any lock in.

Redspot's cloud based

Telephone system

Get rid of the hassle with running your own hardware, maintenance, hosting, license expenses, updates - we'll take care of that for you.
  • Easy to set up via your web browser - do it yourself or have us help.1
  • Interactive Voice Response menus (IVR).
  • Opening hours.
  • Ring groups.
  • 4 users/extensions per line you have, i.e. a SIP trunk with 2 lines/voice channels will give you 8 free users/extensions.
  • CSV onboarding. Upload user information from a spreadsheet and have all users created at once - easily and quickly.
  • Parallel rigging on e.g. IP phone, app, mobile, landline phone etc. or in any order.
  • Direct dial.
  • Presence.
  • Voice mail, voicemail-to-email (voicemail), individual and shared.
  • Own messages and own music on hold or use ours.
  • Forwarding, recording, screening and parking of calls.
  • Conference call function.
  • Intercom.1
  • Option to display another number such as a 70, 80 or foreign number on outbound calls.
  • Call recording.1
  • Call flow based on REST API calls to your own server.1
  • Webhooks for integration with your own platform.1
Reliable with High Uptime


Redspot has provided tele­communication services since 2004 and we have become very good at designing and running our systems, that are located in fault-tolerant hosting centers, in geo­graphically separated locations - that's why our uptime is 99.999%1

Happy Customers

77% of our customers stay with us for more than 7 years, so we're sure that you'll also be happy with our services - that's why we have no lock-in period.
Our history

Redspot was founded in Denmark in 2002 and has delivered cheap, high-quality IP-telephony (VoIP) to private individuals and companies, in Denmark and abroad, since 2004. Redspot was the first to offer international Flat Rate plans, and is still leading.

Redspot has been named "Best audio quality and deal" by the leading Danish newspaper Politiken, and "Best choice" by the leading Danish Money & Personal Finance magazine Penge & Privatøkonomi, and is known from:

Best audio quality and deal

A leading Danish newspaper

Best choice

Penge & Privatøkonomi
The leading Danish Money & Personal Finance magazine