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No more free EU mobile roaming

In 2017, the EU introduced rules that gave you, as a citizen with a mobile subscription in one EU country, could use your mobile without roaming charges in other EU countries. That does no longer apply if you're abroad for a longer period of time.

Most mobile carriers have introduced restrictions in recent years so that you no longer have free EU roaming if you are abroad for longer than the equivalent of a regular holiday.

Where before it was possible to use your EU mobile number when you're living in another EU country, without having to pay roaming charges, this can now become very expensive. Typically, you have to travel to the country where you have your mobile plan on a regular basis and stay there for at least 14 days before you again can leave and have free EU roaming - and then again only for a limited period. This especially hits expats hard.

With Redspot, you never pay roaming charges! And that no matter where in the world you are and how long you stay there. The cost of calling is always the same for you and for those who call you.

You can e.g. use Redspot via an app. on your smartphone and use it wherever you like, completely without roaming charges and with unlimited calls to phones in over 70 countries.* Free Set up until 31 may Learn more

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