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Choose payment period and save

You can now choose to pay most subscription every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer the period, the bigger the discount, up to 15%.
In practice, it is done in such a way that we have a new base price that applies to monthly payment and a discount for longer periods: 3 months -8%, 6 months: -12% and 12 months: -15%.
If you already are a subscriber and do not take any action, you will continue with your current payment period at the same price as before. If you choose a longer period, you save and if you choose a shorter one, the price will be slightly higher. Please contact us if you want to change your payment period.
Our history

Redspot was founded in Denmark in 2002 and has delivered cheap, high-quality IP-telephony (VoIP) to private individuals and companies, in Denmark and abroad, since 2004. Redspot was the first to offer international Flat Rate plans, and is still leading.

Redspot has been named "Best audio quality and deal" by the leading Danish newspaper Politiken, and "Best choice" by the leading Danish Money & Personal Finance magazine Penge & Privatøkonomi, and is known from:

Best audio quality and deal

A leading Danish newspaper

Best choice

Penge & Privatøkonomi
The leading Danish Money & Personal Finance magazine