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You have access to your invoices and payments via My account and can continuously see what you owe us or we owe you.

Even if you have only called numbers that are free, we will send you an invoice of zero so that you can see the usual call distribution, see all your calls online and how much you save compared to your previous telecommunications company :-)

Our low prices are based on keeping costs down by e.g. to automate as much as possible. It is expensive in materials, postage as well as salaries to send out paper invoices. Therefore, invoices etc. are sent out exclusively electronically via e-mail and can not be sent out on paper - not even if you pay us.

A credit note is not a bill, but the opposite. A credit note is f.x. issued when crediting (offsetting) incorrect charges or after a terminations where excess subscription fee id credited.

An account statement is an overview of your account with us. I.e. typically a summary of what you owe us and is usually aired just before New Year. An account statement is not a reminder and you will not be charged for it.

If you have an active subscription

As long as you have an active subscription, the amount is set-off against future invoices. 

If you do not have an active subscription

A receivable can only be calculated up to one month after a possible subscription has expired.

If you have paid online, we will attempt a refund to your last used payment method. Alternatively you must enter your bank details under "Account Settings" under "My account". Your receivable will automatically refunded/transferred within 30 days from the statement of your receivable.

Please note that amounts below DKK 25 ($3.60Note: Prices are rounded and shown in US dollar as a reference only. You may or may not be able to pay in US dollar. See more details during checkout.) are not paid out.